Notorious November Hurricanes

November is not known to produce a high number of hurricane activity, even though it is technically the last month of the Hurricane season. By November, the warm ocean waters have begun to cool at the same time the winds change in the Northern Hemisphere, making the conditions less favorable for tropical development. But youContinue reading “Notorious November Hurricanes”

7 Reasons You Should Never Hire an Unlicensed Contractor

Being a licensed contractor in Florida is a privilege. Many do not understand the difference in being licensed and unlicensed. Obtaining and keeping your contractor’s license in Florida is expensive and there are requirements you must meet. An unlicensed company is taking the easy and unethical approach to assisting those in need. Licensed or UnlicensedContinue reading “7 Reasons You Should Never Hire an Unlicensed Contractor”

Steps to Create a Home Inventory Checklist

After a fire, burglary or other event in which you have lost possessions from your home, it may be difficult to remember the details of every one of the belongings that you have accumulated over the years. In this situation, having a current inventory of your possesssions, including make and model numbers, may help youContinue reading “Steps to Create a Home Inventory Checklist”

Exploring Ozone Use in Odor Elimination

We have heard about how the ozone layer in our middle atmosphere protects the earth from harmful ultraviolet rays. Ozone is generated in electrical storms by bolts of lightning – that’s why it smells so fresh during and after a heavy storm. It’s also used in the cleaning and restoration industry. But what exactly isContinue reading “Exploring Ozone Use in Odor Elimination”

Keeping Your Car Mold Free

When people think of mold, most of the time their thoughts turn to homes or other buildings. Older homes that are not well-maintained, basements that have flooded, as well as buildings that have been through natural disasters; all are at risk of having mold. Unfortunately, mold can also be found in many automobiles that areContinue reading “Keeping Your Car Mold Free”

Water Heater Leaks and Overflows

There is no doubt that hot water heater leaks or overflows will cause extensive damage to your home, but even a water heater pipe dripping or leaking slowly will cause major water damage over time. As the water becomes absorbed into the particle board and swells, it causes the floor to rot and decay. Moreover,Continue reading “Water Heater Leaks and Overflows”

Don’t Forget Your Pets!

Just like other members of the family, pets need to be part of your disaster plan. If you must evacuate, do you know if pets are allowed where you’re planning to stay? If you’re staying home, what will your pet need if your family must survive with basic necessities after the storm? If you evacuateContinue reading “Don’t Forget Your Pets!”

Home Hacks to Withstand the Worst

From hurricanes to tornadoes, to an underestimated amount of rain, sever weather can seriously damage your home. According to the Insurance Information Institute, Superstorm Sandy caused $18.75 billion in insured property losses, and that’s excluding flood insurance claims covered by the US government. In the last five years floods have affected all 50 states. AroundContinue reading “Home Hacks to Withstand the Worst”

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