Signs of Hidden Water Leaks in Your Bathroom

You may need to poke around to find the not-so-obvious bathroom plumbing leak. If left untreated, though , a water leak in your bathroom can cost you, especially if it leads to serious water damage to walls, flooring and paint. Look for these somewhat subtle signs to determine whether you need to hire a plumberContinue reading “Signs of Hidden Water Leaks in Your Bathroom”

How to Save Water at Home

A dripping faucet or a pipe with a slow leak may seem harmless, but even small amounts of wasted water can quickly become expensive problems. Save yourself money and headaches by learning how to stop water leaks – and possible damage – before the start. It flows from faucets, fills washing machines, collects in guttersContinue reading “How to Save Water at Home”

Controlling Indoor Humidity

Controlling the moisture levels in your home is an important factor in creating a healthy indoor air environment. Whether it’s keeping the AC at the right level in the heat of summer or heating your home during the cold months of winter; finding the right balance is key to controlling condensation, which can lead toContinue reading “Controlling Indoor Humidity”

Preventing Home Heating Fires

If you live in Florida, you know that we do not get to experience the change of seasons like most of the US does. However, we do get hit with cold fronts this time of year. One day we are enjoying a nice day on the beach and the next we are experienceing freezing temperaturesContinue reading “Preventing Home Heating Fires”

Holiday Celebration Safety

There is no greater joy during the holidays than gathering with friends and family to celebrate. Entertaining loved ones in your home can be a magical experience for all, whether you have people staying for days or just a cozy holiday party, the events of the season make for wonderful memories. Remember to follow theContinue reading “Holiday Celebration Safety”

Christmas Light Safety

Decorating for the holiday season is always a fun time of year. Creating magic around your home with festive decorations and lights can be time consuming but worth the effort when the task is finished. Whether you use the simple decorations of a tree, wreath and some garlands, or you go all out and turnContinue reading “Christmas Light Safety”

Steps to Create a Home Inventory Checklist

After a fire, burglary or other event in which you have lost possessions from your home, it may be difficult to remember the details of every one of the belongings that you have accumulated over the years. In this situation, having a current inventory of your possesssions, including make and model numbers, may help youContinue reading “Steps to Create a Home Inventory Checklist”

Water Heater Leaks and Overflows

There is no doubt that hot water heater leaks or overflows will cause extensive damage to your home, but even a water heater pipe dripping or leaking slowly will cause major water damage over time. As the water becomes absorbed into the particle board and swells, it causes the floor to rot and decay. Moreover,Continue reading “Water Heater Leaks and Overflows”

Don’t Forget Your Pets!

Just like other members of the family, pets need to be part of your disaster plan. If you must evacuate, do you know if pets are allowed where you’re planning to stay? If you’re staying home, what will your pet need if your family must survive with basic necessities after the storm? If you evacuateContinue reading “Don’t Forget Your Pets!”

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