Mediation For Denied Insurance Claims

A new rule has been put in place by the State of Florida Chief Financial Officer, that expedites the fair and timely handling of residential property insurance claims. The new rule allows you (the insured) the right to take part in a mediation forum with your insurer, to negotiate any dispute you have with yourContinue reading “Mediation For Denied Insurance Claims”

Protecting Your Home Against A Hurricane

Anytime a hurricane approaches the coast you’re likely to see scenes of people wasting their time and energy “preparing” for the storm. In fact, you might have seen these images so often that you think the folks shown are doing the correct thing. If a hurricane is approaching, forget about: Rushing to a building supplyContinue reading “Protecting Your Home Against A Hurricane”

Dryer Lint Danger

Did you know that by not cleaning your dryer exhaust vent you run the risk of destroying your home? Truth! It is the leading cause of dryer fires. According to the National Fire Protection Agency survey. Americans experienced upwards of 16,000 dryer fires between 2010 – 2014. Lint accumulates in dryer vents and ducts andContinue reading “Dryer Lint Danger”

Protect Yourself from Storm Repair Scams

We are two months into the six month hurricane season and – knock on wood – we’ve had uneventful storms, despite the recent passing of the sixth named storm. That being said, September tends to be the busiest and most dangerous month for hurricane season, so we can’t let down our guards. Forecasters have raisedContinue reading “Protect Yourself from Storm Repair Scams”

The Dangers Of Lightning

What is lightning? Lightning is the flash of light produced by a discharge of atmospheric electricity that occurs within clouds, between clouds or between clouds and the ground. The spark can reach over five miles (eight km) in length, raise the temperature of the air by as much as 50,000 degrees Fahrenheit (27,200 degrees C),Continue reading “The Dangers Of Lightning”

How To Prepare An Emergency Kit

We are three weeks into hurricane season 2020 and though we started the season with record activity, it has been quite calm over the last few weeks. The fourth named storm, Dolly, was fortunately very weak. But we shouldn’t be lulled into complacency over this brief respite of tropical storm activity, remember September is whenContinue reading “How To Prepare An Emergency Kit”

Your Home Plumbing Checkup

Plumbing issues can lead to sky-high water bills – not to mention major structural damage to your home. A small leak could waste tens of thousands of gallons of water each year and result in much larger headaches. Use these tips to help make regular DIY plumbing inspections all around your home. Inspect Your PipesContinue reading “Your Home Plumbing Checkup”

New Years Resolutions for Your Home

As the clock winds down towards the New Year, we all begin ticking off our lists for our New Years resolutions. The usual suspects of losing weight, going to the gym more or finally getting in shape will always make their appearance on that list, only to fall by the wayside as life gets busy.Continue reading “New Years Resolutions for Your Home”

Fire Safety for the Holidays

Turkey Fryer Fire Safety. Compared to the tradition of roasting the turkey in the oven on Thanksgiving, many families prefer a little more flavor by frying it instead. But many organizations, including the National Fire Protection Association and Underwriters Laboratories, are strongly against them due to the dangers they pose. If you have ever watchedContinue reading “Fire Safety for the Holidays”

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